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Troll Rampage Troll Rampage

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Lots of room for improvement

There are few very obvious problems that MUST be fixed,
-Coins that fly out smashed buildings and land behind you cannot be picked up;
-The music duplicates every time I start a second game or any game after that.
If it was possible to make the game a little more complex, I would suggest:
-Drops other than just coins (e.g. power-ups);
-Levels, each one harder than the previous one;
-At the end of each level (see above), there should be a shop where you could buy things that assist you in the game, (e.g. armour/defense upgrades, weapon/attack upgrades, speed upgrades, health upgrades)
-Boss fights
-Option to save and load games
This may sound a little farfetched, but I imagine that the game would be so much more interesting if these suggestions were implemented into the game.

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Viviparous Dumpling Viviparous Dumpling

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A few negative points...

I completely agree with rawbutcher-tossing is murder in this game, with the tiny playing field.

Also, I find that the hit detection is very unforgiving. Maybe it's just me, but I think the hit detection is unreasonable for such a small playing field.

Overall, the game is okay, but a good idea would be to add multiple difficulties for story mode.

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YouFindYourselfInARoom YouFindYourselfInARoom

Rated 5 / 5 stars


A challenging game, though I eventually proved the game, or whatever entity speaks to me throughout the game imperfect. The feeling of victory is so satisfying...
But I digress. I admire the way you have managed to make a game that has nothing more than words that is yet so captivating- Bravo! And thumbs up for the antagonistic (and slightly humorous) entity :D

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Pixel Grower Pixel Grower

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Intresting game concept...

Though it would be nice if there were difficulty levels. Nice job.

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Apollo - Turnabout Mute Apollo - Turnabout Mute

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This's perfectly similar to the Apollo Justice real game!Wow,everything is the same,this puts so many other Phoenix Wright/Apollo Justice to shame! Unlike those other poor remakes,the court proceedings are the same:Case briefing,witnesscomes out,states name and occupation,this game is perfect!All but one thing...the Apollo Justice 'proceeding' button is different to Phoenix's.You accidentally took Phoenix's which has his shadow on it,whereas you're playing as Apollo so you're supposed to have the one with APOLLO'S shadow on it. Also,the 'beepspeak' from the real game seems to be missing.

However,those are but the slightest of problems.They don't matter at all,so I'd just like to congratulate you for creating this excellent game.I really give my thanks to you.

Spewer Spewer

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Mostly good,but...

What disappoints me is the fact that sometimes when I use black spew to cover up a platform of spikes,when i jump on the spew i just sink right through it,instead of standing on it.

However,that is but the slightest of issues.Great physics,graphics,and animation.

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Pico: Ace Attorney Pico: Ace Attorney

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad.It's good to see another Ace Attorney game

A good start,but perhaps you could make more cases?And just like Phoenix Wright,add more music,you know how it differs from inside and outside the courtroom?And during testimonies?If you ever make another one when you come back,perhaps you could add these things in.If you can,also make better images for the characters.

Good job.

Bloons Tower Defense 3 Bloons Tower Defense 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Best game ever!You should be proud of yourself!

I love these type of games!It'd be great if you submitted more! :D

I just want to know,do the monkey beacons make the super monkeys go any faster?Because I didn't really see if my super monkeys shooting speed increased or not.If the answer is yes,then I was probably too into the game to notice.The the answer was no,I was still into the game but just happenned to notice.